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How Long is the Normal Water Damage Restoration Process

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The fastest is just 1 – 3 days for removing water and drying the house. However, many people are not able to make it in 3 days and take 5 days instead. If you take longer than 5 days to dry your house, serious mold problem will develop. Places that have a lot of dry air will take lesser time to dry. On the other hand, places with a lot of damp air will take a longer time to dry.


Firstly, it depends on the amount and type of water that has flooded your house. If the water is up to the ankle, the water can be pumped out within 1 day. If the water is up to 4 feet, it can take a few days to remove the water. The type of materials that are damaged will also affect the length of the water damage restoration.

Carpets and upholstery will take a longer time to dry if it is has been submerged underwater for many days. Materials that are affected by dirty water such as grey and black water will require more work and a long time to dry out. If the material is soaked in clean water, you just need to dry it.

It depends on what types of damages have affected your property. When the plumber arrives, he will first check the area for mold and mildew. It can take up to 1 – 2 weeks to remove the mold and mildew. The flooring often gets damaged when there is a flood. Wood flooring is vulnerable to damage during flooding. It takes around 1 – 2 weeks to fix the damaged flooring.

The paint and wallpaper often peel off when exposed to water. It can take a few hours to a few days to repaint the house and reinstall the wallpaper. In addition, the plumber also has to inspect the wood beams, siding, and other exterior structures. Chances are they are rotting due to prolonged exposure to the rainwater. It will take extra time for the plumber to repair these structures.

Sometimes, the damage occurs behind the wall which requires the plumber to open it up.
If the walls need to be opened up, the plumber will have to perform asbestos testing. It can take up to 2 days for the results of the asbestos testing to reveal. The plumber can only start performing the water damage repair behind the walls if the result is negative.

If the result is positive, the plumber will have to get an abatement specialist to remove the asbestos. With the help of a professional, you can expect that your house gets restored back in a minimal timeframe. If you perform the water damage restoration yourself, it may take a longer time because you are not equipped with the essential tools.

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